5 th SAPEM

Symposium on the Acoustics of Poro-Elastic Materials

December 6-7-8, 2017
Le Mans, France

See you in West Lafayette (IN, USA) in 2020


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Main building of Faculte de Droit

6 non-parallel sessions with 20-min talks were planned.

The topics of this 2017's edition were:

  • Characterization and measurement techniques,
  • Modeling,
  • Computational methods,
  • Materials with flow,
  • New materials,
  • Industrial applications.

Special attention has been paid to reserving time for discussion. A poster exhibition has also been organized.

The 6 keynote lectures scheduled at the beginning of each sessions were:


Characterization and measurement techniques

Wednesday 6 December 2017 AM

9:45 Laboratory and In Situ Sound Absorption Measurement under a Synthetized Diffuse Acoustic Field: a Case Study on Five Materials
Video (pass: denorms72)
O. Robin, C.K. Amedin, A. Berry, N. Atalla, O. Doutres and F. Sgard
10:05 Vibration damping properties of porous materials
Video (pass: denorms72)
L. Rouleau, A. Guinault and J.-F. Deu
10:55 Round Robin test on elastic properties of poro- and viscoelastic materials for vibro-acoustic applications
Video (pass: denorms72)
P. Bonfiglio
11:15 SLaTCoW (Spatial LAplace Transform for COmplex Wavenumber recovery) method for frequency / complex wavenumber dispersion relation recovery
Video (pass: denorms72)
A. Geslain, L. Schwan, J.P. Groby, V. Romero Garcia, S. Raetz, A. Duclos and N. Boechler
11:35 Elastic characterization of a porous layer in a sandwich structure
Video (pass: denorms72)
L. Lei, J.D. Chazot and N. Dauchez
11:55 Micro- to Macro-scale Investigations of Anisotropy and Local Boundary Stiffness Variations in Open-cell Lightweight Foams
Video (pass: denorms72)
P. Goransson, J. Cuenca, E. Lundberg and L. Manzari
13:50 Characterization of poroelastic materials through interface scattering and propagation models
Video (pass: denorms72)
N. Bouhlel, S. Bourguignon, A. Duclos and J.P. Groby
14:30 On the use of uncertainties from the characterization to the computation of dispersion envelope of poro-elastic media
Video (pass: denorms72)
J. Rodenas, F. Chevillotte, F.-X. Bécot and L. Jaouen
poster Mechanical characterisation of isotransverse acoustic foams G. Yan, X. Guo, B. Brouard, S. Sahraoui
poster Characterisation of inhomogeneous ducts and porous media and extrapolation to experimentally unavailable thermal conditions J. Cuenca, L. De Ryck, A. Perdigon, T. Le Scolan
poster Fractional derivatives model to predict high frequency moduli of acoustic foams X. Guo, G. Yan, L. Benyahia, S. Sahraoui

Materials and flow

Wednesday 6 December 2017 PM

16:25 Instability over a Porous Line in a Duct with Flow Y. Aurégan
16:45 Analysis of the non-linear behavior of micro-perforated plates using lattice Boltzmann method
Video (pass: denorms72)
F. Chevillotte, P. Marchner, M. Martinez, R. Roncen and F. Simon
17:05 Transmission losses of a turbofan inlet duct lined with porous materials
Video (pass: denorms72)
E. Perrey-Debain, C. Chan, J.-M. Ville and B. Poirier
17:25 Properties of bulk reacting absorbers subject to flow and temperature boundary layers
Video (pass: denorms72)
S. Boij, A. Färm and R. Glav
17:45 Acoustic propagation in a circular pipe with periodic inclusions
Video (pass: denorms72)
J. Golliard, Y. Aurégan and R. Dummy

Physical models

Thursday 7 December 2017 AM

9:40 Advances in the microstructure and transport properties of random fibrous materials
Video (pass: denorms72)
C. Perrot, R. Panneton, J. Guilleminot, V. Monchiet, P. Leroy, G. Jacqus, M. He and H.-T. Luu
10:00 Reflection and transmission by a double porosity layer obeying Berryman-Wang theory
Video (pass: denorms72)
F. Z. Kachkouch, H. Franklin, A. Tinel, A. Alem and H. Wang
11:10 Acoustic Dissipation by Films: a Step Towards Liquid Foams and Membrane-Type Metamaterials Modelling
Video (pass: denorms72)
C. Gaulon, J. Pierre, F. Elias, V. Leroy and C. Derec
11:30 Acoustic wave propagation in fractal porous material.
Video (pass: denorms72)
Z.E.A. Fellah, A. Berbiche, M. Fellah, E. Ogam and C. Depollier
11:50 Nonlocal Maxwellian theory of sound propagation
Video (pass: denorms72)
N. Nemati and D. Lafarge
poster Johnson-Champoux-Allard model in thermoacoustics R. Dragonetti, M. Napolitano, R. Romano

New materials

Thursday 7 December 2017 PM

14:15 Microstructures for lowering the frequency of the quarter wavelength resonance of a hard-backed rigid-porous layer
Video (pass: denorms72)
K. Attenborough
14:35 3D printed membrane-type acoustic metamaterials for small- scale applications C. Casarini, B. Tiller, J. Windmill and J. Jackson
14:55 Influence of activation processes on the of activated carbon felts microstructure and impact on the acoustic performances
Video (pass: denorms72)
H. Karpinski, O. Umnova, R. Venegas Castillo, J. Hargreaves, A. Nahil and S. Lehmann Fernandez
15:15 Straw-inspired Metamaterial for Sound Absorption
Video (pass: denorms72)
W. Huang, L. Schwan, V. Romero Garcia, J.-M. Génevaux and J.P. Groby
16:05 Metaporous Layers for Broadband Sound Absorption using Multiple Slow Waves J. S. Lee, J. Yang and Y. Y. Kim
16:25 Acoustic performance of a bubble meta-screen
Video (pass: denorms72)
G.S. Sharma, M. Toyoda and N. Kessissoglou
16:45 Propagation of low frequency sound through a metaporous layer of subwavelength thickness: Homogenization with numerical validation L. Schwan, J.P. Groby and O. Umnova
17:05 Perfect absorption in acoustic metamaterials based on open lossy resonant building blocks
Video (pass: denorms72)
V. Romero Garcia, N. Jiménez, V. Pagneux and J.P. Groby
17:25 Perfect and broadband sound absorption based in rainbow trapping phenomena for transmission problems
Video (pass: denorms72)
N. Jiménez, V. Romero Garcia and J.P. Groby
poster Acoustical and thermal joint approach for optimization of vegetal wools used in buildings C. Piegay, P. Glé, E. Gourdon, E. Gourlay, S. Marceau
poster Tunable isolation band gaps in one-dimensional active piezoelectric sonic crystals Q. Zhang, O. Umnova, Y. Lan
poster Interaction of high amplitude waves with acoustic metamaterials D. Brooke, O. Umnova, P. Leclaire, A. Elliot
poster On the conditions for perfect absorption of sound by rigidly-backed layers of porous materials N. Jiménez, V. Romero Garcia, J.P. Groby

Industrial applications

Friday 8 December 2017 AM

9:30 Application and Simulation of Microperforated Panels in a complex Sound Field
Video (pass: denorms72)
S. Floss and M. Kaltenbacher
9:50 Assessment of the Structure Borne Insertion Loss performance of interior vehicle treatments R. D'Amico, T. Delpero, R. Stelzer and T. Courtois
10:50 Upgrading hybrid stiff insulators performance through tailored solid inclusions localization: the Polyfoam and Ecofelt solutions
Video (pass: denorms72)
A. Duval, G. Crignon, M. Goret and D. Lemaire
11:10 Porous materials in consumer products, the Dyson approach I. Perez Pablos
11:30 Numerical modelling of the acoustics of low density fibrous media having a distribution of fiber sizes
Video (pass: denorms72)
T. Herdtle, Y. Xue and J.S. Bolton
11:50 Microstructure morphological and acoustical macro-behavior analysis of high density filled foam M.T. Hoang, V. Marcel, J.-F. Rondeau, A. Curien and L. Dejaeger
poster Development of an efficient capture and amplification system of sound waves K. Gadonna, Z. Zhao, B. Williatte, A. Senouci
poster Experimental research of acoustic louver sound insulation T. Astrauskas, T. Vilnikis, O. Khrystoslavenko, T. Janueviius, R. Grubliauskas
poster Nanofibrous electrospun membranes for acoustic applications A. Hurrell, K. Horoshenkov, M. Pelegrinis

Computational methods

Friday 8 December 2017 PM

13:55 The shifted cell operator technique applied to equivalent fluids models for the computation of dispersion diagrams of periodic porous materials
Video (pass: denorms72)
D. Magliacano, M. Ouisse, A. Khelif, S. De Rosa and F. Franco
14:15 Acoustic modeling of filters and counter-current exchangers using a double equivalent fluid homogenization approach.
Video (pass: denorms72)
G. Lielens and A. Talbot
14:35 Efficient simulation of vibro-acoustic problems with poro-elastic damping using a Matrix-free Model Order Reduction scheme
Video (pass: denorms72)
S. Jonckheere, O. Atak, H. Bériot and W. Desmet
15:15 Acoustic wave transmission conditions on perforated rigid, or elastic plates - homogenization and computing
Video (pass: denorms72)
E. Rohan and V. Lukes
15:35 Adaptive High-order FEM for the mixed {U,p} poro-elastics equations
Video (pass: denorms72)
H. Bériot, O. Dazel, G. Gabard and E. Deckers
15:55 The link between the plane-wave absorption coefficient and the sound field due to a point source R. Dragonetti, M. Napolitano and R. Romano
16:15 Fibrous Material Microstructure Design for Optimal Damping Performance
Video (pass: denorms72)
J.S. Bolton and Y. Xue
poster Modelling of poroelastic media with localised mass inclusions A. Hurrell, K. Horoshenkov, M. Pelegrinis
poster Acoustic response of anisotropic multilayered structures: sub-layering of the anisotropic poroelastic core and influence of the material natural axis orientation J. P. Parra Martinez, J. Cuenca, P. Goransson, O. Dazel


SAPEM 2017 was sponsored by:



SAPEM 2017 was supported by the European Acoustics Association (EAA) and the Acoustical Society of America (ASA)

Scientific committee

The scientific committee was composed by:
Keith Attenborough (Open-University London, UK)
Yves Aurégan (LAUM – CNRS, France)
Susann Boij (KTH, Sweden)
Stuart Bolton (Purdue University, USA)
Laurent De Ryck (LMS Siemens, Belgium)
Elke Deckers (KULeuven Belgium)
Ludovic Desvard (Dyson, UK)
Arnaud Duval (Treves, France)
Peter Göransson (KTH, Sweden)
Kirill Horoshenkov (Sheffield University, UK)
Anton Krynkin (Univ. Sheffield, UK)
Emmanuel Perrey-Debain (UTC, France)
Vicente Romero-Garcia (LAUM – CNRS, France)

Organizing committee

This 2017's edition of SAPEM was organized by
Olivier Dazel, Jean-Philippe Groby, Aroune Duclos, Sandrine Chassagne from University of Maine,
Jean-Christophe Le Roux from CTTM,
François-Xavier Bécot and Luc Jaouen from Matelys,
The French Acoustical Society (SFA).


Should you need further information about SAPEM conferences, contact us at sapem@matelys.com